Deltabell E

Deltabell E
Product Features
  • 3 way tamper protection
  • Polycarbonate housing offers weather proofing and elegant design
  • Sealed electronics
  • Low power strobe LED activated on alarm
  • Low power piezo with high performance 104db audible alarm
  • A selection of coloured bases and covers.
  • Grade 2 or 3 options available

Panel Type: Domestic & Commercial



The protection of your property starts with the exterior of your building and our unique external sounders deliver the perfect visual deterrent to immediately discourage any potential intruder. Weather resistant with a low power Piezo featuring high performance decibels audible alarm and tamper protection provides a secure and obvious alarm.

Visual Deterrent and Alarm Indication 

Low power strobe LED technology provides a visual indication when the alarm is activated.

Weather Proof

Polycarbonate plastics offer a weather resistant housing with an elegant design.

Tamper Proof

Tamper protection ensures the highest levels of security against accidental or malicious tampering with the system. 

Activation from the front, back and power supply cut-off ensures protection from sabotage attempts. In this situation, the siren will activate independently from the control panel.

Highly Effective Audible Alarm

Low power Piezo with high performance decibels provide a loud audible alarm, ensuring alarm activations are heard and acted upon.

Easy to Install

The auto-levelling mechanism uses rotating guide holes and a spirit level to facilitate the simple and easy positioning of the sounder.

Engineer hold-off will disable the sounder when in the Engineers Menu, allowing installers to work on the sounder without the fear of unwanted activations. When the control panel is in Engineers Mode, the Deltabell E external sounder will go into remote engineer hold.

The hinged lid allows for easy access to the electronics.

Wired Sounder for grade 2 or grade 3 systems

The availability of a grade 3 option makes the Deltabell E ideal for commercial as well as domestic systems and can be used with all wired and hybrid security panels, as well as the Enforcer 32-WE and HomeControl+ App Security Panels. 


Siren customisation allows installers to brand the sounder cover as they see fit. A range of different coloured covers and bases can be chosen from, as well as screen printing your logo and details onto the cover, giving installers year-round brand awareness.


EN50131-4:2009 | EN50130-4:2011 PD6662:2010

Certificate Downloads:

CE Declaration of Conformity - PYR019 - Wired Deltabell Range

Technical Specifications

Sounders technical characteristics

104 dB(A)
Opional comfort LED
Sound and light indication on alarm
Engineer hold off
Number of Piezos
Flashing LED
Comfort LED
Tamper protection
Strobe duration and frequency
10mS, 1Hz
Sounder maximum duration
15 mins
SAC (self actuating bell) / SAB (self activating bell) option
Self levelling

Environmental and operating features

Certified operating temperature
-25°C to 60°C
Nominal operating temperature
-30°C to 60°C
Physical dimensions (H x W x D)
290 x 285 x 50mm

Electrical & battery

Battery type
NiMH 7.2V, 250mAh
Battery life
2 - 5 years
Operating voltage
Alarm current
Quiescent current consumption

Certifications and warranty

Electrical conformity
EN Certificate
Certification type
Environmental class
2 Years
Security Grade
Grade 2 and 3

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Product Downloads

Catalogues and Flyers

Technical Catalogues and Flyers

Product Images

Product Compliance Certificate

Product Codes & Options

Black Deltabell Cover (FPDELTA-CBK)

Blue Deltabell Cover (FPDELTA-CB)

Chrome Deltabell Cover (FPDELTA-CC)

Deltabell Amber Dummy Base (FPDELTA-BDA)

Deltabell Black Dummy Base (FPDELTA-BDBK)

Deltabell Blue Dummy Base (FPDELTA-BDB)

Deltabell E Module - Grade 2 (FPDELTAE2MOD)

Deltabell E Module - Grade 3 (FPDELTAE3MOD)

Deltabell Green Dummy Base (FPDELTA-BDG)

Deltabell Red Dummy Base (FPDELTA-BDR)

Deltabell White Dummy Base (FPDELTA-BDW)

Red Deltabell Cover (FPDELTA-CR)

White Deltabell Cover (FPDELTA-CW)

Yellow Deltabell Cover (FPDELTA-CY)

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