Meet the Team

UK Sales

Guy Dodd

UK Sales Director

Pyronix is a very ethical, honest and open business. As a company it gives us the freedom to innovate and react quickly to market trends and needs, with directors and decision makers that are available to their customers.

Before, I was an engineer; from an apprentice to an installation engineer, to a service engineer with an NSI company in Birmingham for 14 years.

Working for Pyronix, I get to work in the industry that I trained to be in - in many ways I’m still an engineer at heart. The beauty of Pyronix is it provides the opportunity to be honest to our customers, with genuine care for them.

When I'm not here it's golf when I get the time and my kids and that’s about all I get time for.

Jim Lovett

Key Accounts Manager

We are part of a team that works together to produce the best products and supports them fantastically well.

I have been in the industry since I was 18, starting off as an apprentice before joining several security companies prior to coming to Pyronix. What I love about working for Pyronix is being a part of a team where opinions matter and support is given such a high priority, that customers know we care about what they think.

Outside of work, my interests are all based around technology. I have been pulling gadgets apart since I was old enough to hold a screwdriver. Wanting to know how things work is what interests me and why I love working between sales and our developers to help develop better and better products. It is a lot of fun.

Everyone that knows me knows I am a fan of Apple computers. I owned the first iPhone (and still have it), I still have my old Amiga computer and even my old ZX Spectrum. I love photography which, lets face it, is just another excuse to play with gadgets.

Richard Lockwood

Area Sales Manager - Northern England and North Wales

I have worked at Pyronix for the past 13 years and they have helped me become a skilled and ambitious worker.

Pyronix always strive to produce the best, innovative products but, behind the scenes, they also strive to achieve the best out of their staff, which means training is always on the table, along with any help and advice you need.

Before I worked for Pyronix I did a computing degree at Central Lancashire. This involved multimedia design where I created ‘The Simpsons Maths Game’ for 5-8 year olds – which I’m sure had copyright issues if it ever got released!

As mentioned, wherever possible, Pyronix are always willing to improve staff and this can mean moving departments internally to progress your career. I have now done this four times, so I think everyone is hoping this will be my last move, but I can’t help being ambitious!

Me and my wife have a little boy and he’s by far the best hobby I have. When I’m not with him I also love golf, squash, tennis and drinking, but they don’t happen that often these days. I also enjoy seeing the world, especially new places in the USA. 

Bryan Evans

Area Sales Manager - North and Scotland

We are a manufacturer who really understands the needs and requirements of our customers and specialises on the design and development of innovative intruder products. At Pyronix you are not just a number, you are part of a team that really cares about the business, our products and our customers.

I worked in the UK security business for about 25 years, starting as a Trainee Distribution Branch Manager, to eventually becoming a Manager and then an Account Manager. I have covered London and the South East region before emigrating to Scotland for family reasons. I’ve then covered Scotland, Ireland and the North of England before seeing the light and joining Pyronix. I’ve spent an enjoyable eight years supporting our Scotland, Northern Ireland and North of England based customers, helping us to grow into the number one intruder manufacturer in the UK.

With Pyronix the directors really care about their staff and customers and although we don't always get it right the first time, we always listen to our customers, make changes quickly and are open and honest if we get it wrong.

I try to keep the weight down and keep vaguely fit by going out running a couple of times a week, or using hotel gyms while staying away on business. Anyone who knows me, knows I am totally football daft, always have been and always will be a mad Crystal Palace FC fanatic, so I try and watch them whenever I get a chance. My youngest son plays football at a decent level, which I love to watch at the weekends.

Sam Griffiths

Area Sales Manager - South East England

Pyronix is a great company to work for, with an existing award-winning product range. They are constantly releasing new innovative products into a competitive market place and the directors and decision-makers are always readily available to their customers.

Before I joined Pyronix, I spent over 20 years in the Security Industry, working for various accredited installation, service and sales companies. I then moved over to manufacturing and secure communication.   

Working for Pyronix, I get to work in the industry that I trained to be in and, as I have worked for installation/service companies, I feel I have some understanding of how well our products and support fits the changing and challenging security market. The beauty of Pyronix is it gives the opportunity to be honest to our customers.

Outside of work I enjoy trying to keep fit with 5k park runs on a Saturday and I support my local rugby team.

Simon Reeve

Area Sales Manager - North Midlands and Central Wales

Pyronix attracted me a few years ago after I met with members of the management team; the family atmosphere and passion for the success of the business through ensuring the success of our customers is very infectious. 

Every member of staff shares the same energy, care and determination. While Pyronix is an international business, it still holds true to local business values; the innovative product range and increasing level of investment, particularly with the acquisition by Hikvision, has us as a leading global player.

The road to Pyronix included working with large car manufacturers and various sales roles. I stumbled into the security industry in my early twenties and have experience with installations, trade counter sales, targeted new business development, training and support and also developing new markets around the world. Seeing each aspect of the business and having experience of markets including Europe, the Middle East and Australia, has given me a great insight and many great adventures.

Pyronix has me hooked; we have the mix right here. Pyronix is a business and as such here to make money, however, it isn’t about the extra percent but the extra support. The whole team cares and this is apparent in the development, manufacturing, individual testing and support of our products. Our Installer gets the right product and support while the end user gets the right system and value for money, it’s a cliché but it’s truly “win - win”.

When I’m not working I’m usually with my family and friends in the Derbyshire countryside, getting fresh air and winding down, as well as walking off the calories and finding new places to eat out; otherwise I’m home with a movie, fixing a computer or if I get the chance saving the world, one video game at a time!

Gary Rogers

Area Sales Manager - Midlands, South Wales and Southern England

I would describe Pyronix as a forward thinking and innovative company who listens to their customers and adapts wherever and whenever possible. 

Prior to Pyronix I spent five years selling panels for a rival company and before that I sold to end users and spent 12 years as an alarm engineer for two NSI installation companies, who were then NSCIA companies - showing my age!

I enjoy working at Pyronix for the feeling that I am valued and listened to and the fact that they care as much as I do about giving customers the best we possibly can.

Outside of work I enjoy keeping fit and I go to the Gym three-times-a-week. I also like socialising, going out and eating out as much as possible - if there is music even better, as I love getting on the dance floor!

Paul Scovell

Area Sales Manager South West England

I see Pyronix as a leading manufacturer of installer-friendly security products that prides itself on quality and support.

Having previously worked as a security surveyor and account manager for a national installation and service provider, I feel I can help the installer best by using my own experiences to ensure the Pyronix product portfolio meets the needs of the customers.

Pyronix is a proud brand that is warmly received. We are keen to deliver intuitive, user–friendly solutions in an industry which is keen to please the end user. It’s vital that communication is ‘two-way’ just like our systems!

My spare time is devoted to sport and you can find me on the touchline at the weekends, where I am a qualified Licenced FA football coach providing the next generation with the opportunity to develop their skills, be active and have fun. I also enjoy travelling to the east coast of USA, whether New York or Florida, I don’t mind!

Jim McAuley

Area Sales Manager - Northern Ireland

Pyronix is a market-leading company in the security industry, with a very honest and hardworking team. They help with every aspect of the industry, from installers to users; always listening to the needs of their customers, no matter how big or small.

I’ve been working in the security industry for 18 years now. I started off working as an apprentice for an NSI installation company in Northern Ireland, before working my way to becoming a technical sales engineer. After 11 years in engineering I then moved on to distribution, and now, here I am.

As I mentioned before, the honesty and great work ethic of all Pyronix staff makes it a very easy company to work for. We have so much to offer to the industry and I especially like the way we go about our business. I enjoy the fact that everyone is working together in supporting the security industry, on a daily basis.

Outside of work my young family are my number one interest. Spending time with them is key and we enjoy walking and any fun activities really. After that my main interests are Gaelic games, such as Hurling and Football; I coach a local under 10 team and still try to play myself, try being the key word. 

Thomas Summerfield

Account Manager - South Central

Pyronix is a forward thinking security manufacturer who, with the investment from Hikvision, will grow considerably over the next few years. They’re a very close knit, friendly organisation to work for.

Before Pyronix, I spent the first five years of my working life at CSL DualCom covering London and Home Counties in a Regional Sales Manager role. I enjoyed spending most of my time out on the road meeting installation companies. After leaving CSL I decided to go travelling around Asia and Australia for 6 months.

Given my experience within the industry and knowing some of the Pyronix team, I knew that the culture of the organisation was one that I wanted to work for.

Outside of work I like to keep myself in shape. I regularly go to the gym and play football for a team in South London. I enjoy socialising and visiting new places around the world. I’d like to go to Colombia next! 

Export Sales

Valeri Filianov

EMEA Sales Director

Pyronix is a dynamic, high-tech electronic design and manufacturing company. It is relatively young and is aiming to become the leader in our industry, both in the UK and internationally.

Prior to joining Pyronix, I graduated in Geology in the late 1980’s at the Moscow State University. I never worked as a geologist though as at that time the demand for geologists was in steep decline. I used my knowledge of languages, multicultural background and keen interest in business, to help several small trading businesses based in Italy to explore and enter the Russian market. I also worked as a purchasing assistant, a store manager and even as a freelance interpreter, translating a Dostoevski book, “The Gambler” from Russian into Italian.

When I joined Pyronix in 1996, my first objective was to develop the Russian market. Since the beginning I have enjoyed the opportunity this position gave me to further my keen interest in business and technology. Even during the most difficult moments I felt linked to and responsible for the excellent Pyronix team, starting from the factory staff to the directors and owners. Today more than ever before Pyronix has an opportunity to become a true leader in our industry and I feel I have contributed a great deal to this and certainly would like to see this through.  

My hobbies outside of work include business, economy, engineering, web design, photography, skiing, playing with my son and many others.

UK and Export Sales Support

Sarah Lewis

Sales Administration Manager UK & Export

Pyronix is a leading manufacturer of innovative security equipment.

After finishing at comprehensive school I decided I would further my education and attend a Sixth form, where I studied business and leisure.

My dream job was to be an air hostess, so I completed all the required courses, however when I attended an interview I was told I wasn’t tall enough to complete the role!

I then thought about getting an apprenticeship so I would be earning some money along with gaining practical skills to start my working life. Pyronix offered me a secretarial apprenticeship, which I took with open arms!

The environment at Pyronix is great, a real family environment and it’s fantastic to see how the company has grown over the years, which motivates me as I want to be a part of their success.

When I’m not working, I am a member of a local military boot camp, which keeps me fit and healthy, so I can eat as much junk food as I can without feeling too guilty. Like anyone my friends and family are massive part of my life, I enjoy the time I spend with them, whether it be sat watching a film or out exploring.

I am also a keen runner, not the best but I always give 100% and I participate in a few events every year to help raise money for different charities.

Customer Support

Steve Plant

Technical Support Manager

Pyronix are an innovative manufacturer of security equipment who really make its employees feel part of the family!

I started in the Security Industry as an apprentice alarm engineer shortly after leaving school and after serving my apprenticeship, I worked in various roles before becoming an engineering manager. I then started my own company with a former colleague, providing subcontract labour to various companies

After dissolving the company in 2008, I worked various engineering roles before being offered the position of UK Technical Support Manager at Pyronix in 2012. It has been a refreshing change to work for a manufacturer and I have been allowed to build a team of experienced former engineers, with the full support of my superiors, while introducing many changes to improve the overall effectiveness of the department. I also get the opportunity to travel the country visiting customers to provide training, which I enjoy very much.

I love walking and can often be seen at weekends with our beloved family pet (Saphy the Husky!) being dragged around the lakes at Rother Valley Country Park. I particularly love music and enjoy a spot of amateur DJ’ing, usually at one of our legendary New Year’s Eve Parties!


Laurence Kenny

Marketing Manager

Pyronix is a forward thinking technology company that designs and manufactures products and technologies for use primarily in the intruder alarm market.

I came to Pyronix following a year out after finishing Sixth Form. I came to Pyronix as a management trainee embarking on a part-time degree course in Business and Management. Since then, I have been promoted within the Marketing Department to Marketing Manager.

Pyronix continually invests in its staff and the family culture throughout the organisation creates a great working environment. Innovativeness and creativeness is encouraged and the ability to make a tangible difference to an organisation is an aspect of work I am motivated by. 

My ‘hobbies and interests’ are currently reading academic journals and academic literature (not how I would usually choose to spend a Friday night!). But outside of this I enjoy the odd round of (poorly played) golf, skiing, cycling and watching sport.

Research and Development

Glyn Cooper

Test Manager

Pyronix designs and manufactures in-house, state-of-the-art quality security equipment for professional security specialists. We distribute all of our products both in the UK and worldwide. Your security is our business.

Before I came to the company I worked for a company who manufactured telephone line exchange equipment for BT Telecom for nine years. I also worked for a company who manufactured and installed emergency lighting, fire alarms, smoke curtains and intruder alarms for seven years and two years working with CCTV. I have also obtained qualifications in electronics during this period.

I have worked at Pyronix for 20 years and still wake up with a smile on my face in a morning. The work is always very interesting, challenging and enjoyable - every day is different. Pyronix lets you use your own knowledge and expertise to optimise new product development. At the end of a new product launch, you can see where you have contributed towards the growth of the company.

My hobbies when I’m not working include building electronic circuits for various uses and applications, playing electric guitar and I like to watch most kinds of sport and listen to most kinds of music. I also enjoy building radio control models and wherever I go I always look to see if Pyronix security equipment is being used.

Jonathan Adams

Project Manager

Pyronix is a leading security equipment manufacturer providing innovative products to the security industry.  

My background is in plastics engineering. I worked for an injection and compression moulding company in Sheffield as a technician/supervisor. The company manufactured electronic enclosures and mining equipment out of thermoset and thermoplastic polymers. The main purpose of my role was to set up the machines and ensure they were running efficiently.

I Joined Pyronix in April 2000 as a shift leader within the Injection Moulding Department and have been promoted several times within the past 15 years - I think this is the main reason I enjoy working at Pyronix, I also enjoy the day-to-day challenges.

I enjoy cycling, golf, and walking with my dog (Lola) and unfortunately watching Sheffield Wednesday for my sins, I also enjoy socialising with friends and family. 

Purchasing and Operations

Adina Allen

Operations Director

Pyronix is a fantastic place to work, very dynamic and extremely challenging, still very much like a big family! Loads of appreciation for people and their values.

I have worked in high volume electronics manufacturing for the last 18 years, in various senior management positions.

At Pyronix I have a fantastic management team and very good, skilled operators; I have also been given the chance to make loads of improvements and start up a new factory, which has been extremely challenging and hard work, but very rewarding.

When I’m not working I enjoy reading thrillers while on holidays (and watching CSI type movies on TV) and walking during weekends. I love gardening, but I do not get too much time to allocate to it. I would like to be a florist when I retire!!

Dean Borrington

Head of Quality

I would describe Pyronix as an innovative designer and manufacturer of quality security solutions.

Before I came to the company I have worked in all aspects of business management and am a specialist in Asian Operations.

For me, Pyronix allows me the chance to work across all areas of the business, from design concept to the delivery of innovative solutions to the customer.

I am also a keen sportsman and family man.

Richard Garnham

Senior Buyer

Pyronix is a challenging but very rewarding place to work.

Before, I used to work in buying for electronics and pharmaceutical companies.

What I enjoy about Pyronix is the challenge and the rewards connected with the challenge. Pyronix is a very open place and receptive to improvement ideas.

Outside of work I am an avid armchair sports fan. I also like to cook and listen to music, often together.

HR, IT, Finance & Accounts

Carol Herdman

Finance Director

I would describe Pyronix as a friendly environment where staff have a commitment to providing good service.

I qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG after University, before moving into the manufacturing industry as a financial controller. 

I then moved to a freight forwarder for a period, before moving to Pyronix 13 years ago. Since then I have progressed from financial controller to finance director.

I enjoy the fast pace of a manufacturing environment and there are always new challenges to consider, although help and support is always on hand when you need it.

Outside of work I enjoy listening to music, reading, gardening and doing various activities with my two children.

Jacqueline Scott

HR Manager

For me Pyronix is innovative and forward thinking; always looking to be one step ahead.

I started my career in a secretarial capacity and in 1998 and Pyronix gave me the opportunity to change my career path to human resources. I have completed a post-graduate degree in Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Counseling and can honestly say, I have never looked back since.

My role at Pyronix enables me to work with all departments and with people at all levels of responsibilities, everyone has a different personality to learn and understand.  There are so many positive tasks to undertake as well as challenging situations. Human resources has a much wider job brief than what many people think, here at Pyronix I am involved in the recruitment process from start to finish, inductions, training, funding, performance management, promotion (and demotions), health and safety and much more!

My most important interest outside work is my immediate family; being a good mother to my daughter, thereafter, I like to do enjoyable things; nice holidays, eat in nice restaurants and going to the theatre.

Rob Swift

IT Manager

Pyronix is a customer focused security manufacturer that has grown from manufacturing a single detector to one of the largest manufactures of quality security products in the world.

I joined Pyronix in 1999, but before this I worked as a trainee IT administrator, working my way up to IT systems administrator for a materials handling company. From there I worked for a software house as an IT systems administrator. Then I found Pyronix where I have spent many happy years as the IT Manager.

Pyronix is a friendly and family run business that is always growing and for an IT manager this presents several rewarding challenges and means that no two days are the same.

Away from work I enjoy a wide range of hobbies and activities, such as: walking, mountain biking, rock climbing and spending time with my family. My biggest passion is for anything that flies! I’ve flown several different types of aircraft over the years and my favourites are my paraglider and paramotor as these give you the greatest freedom in the air.

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